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Celebrities Can’t Escape Wrongful Death

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Wrongful Death

Many think the more money you have the fewer problems you face. Although that statement is true for most things like homelessness or hunger, it doesn’t necessarily apply to health care. You can have all the money in the bank, but if you are in an area with deficient health care systems it doesn’t matter. Another misconception is death resulting from negligent behavior known as wrongful death. When people hear the term wrongful death, people think of accidents or murders. Wrongful death can happen anywhere, even in safe spaces like hospitals or nursing homes. Even though you know the death of your loved one was before their time, you have to prove that it was the fault of the other person or party. Our California wrongful death lawyers at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation are here to tell you that wrongful death can happen to anyone at any age and with however much money in the bank account.

Pitbull Of Comedy’s Story

If you love to stand-up comedy then you have probably heard of Bobby Slayton. The comedian is best known as the “Pitbull of Comedy” and for his role in the movie The Bandits. He is well known in the comedy community and has strongly committed followers of his work. Despite his popularity, it did not matter when it came to the medical care of his wife. Teddie Lee Tillet was 62 years young when she passed away due to pneumonia. While at the hospital she was discharged to a nursing facility. There Slayton and his legal team allege that the doctors did not take care of her situation properly. Slayton was with her as she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where she later died.

Slayton filed a wrongful death suit against the doctor who discharged her from California hospital and the nursing facility for damages. Slayton and the legal team believe that more could have and should have been done to protect the life of his wife. Pneumonia is not an uncommon illness, so Slayton has the right to skeptical. Like most wrongful death cases his legal team did the work and were able to reach a settlement. Slayton’s case never went to trial. Most wrongful death suits—most of any civil suits— don’t make it to court. Instead, Slayton accepted a settlement of $150,000 with a caveat of not pursuing any more charges against the health care workers.

What To Do

Wrongful death suits are tragic and traumatizing. As the family filing the suit, you are forced to relive the death of your loved one over and over. The nature of these cases is long and tedious. It requires a lot of patients during a time when the victim’s family is grieving. If you or someone you love needs to file a wrongful death suit, you need a strong advocate by your side. Call 818-783-5757 or click here for a free consultation with our wrongful death attorneys at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation in California today.