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Disney World Monument After Wrongful Death

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Wrongful Death

We all remember that unfortunate day in 2016 when two-year-old Lane Thomas Graves from Nebraska was eaten by an alligator near the shores of the lagoon at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, whilst on the holiday of his life at Disneyland. The resort has erected a monument in the shape of a lighthouse in his memory.

Even though the family did not pursue any sort of case against Disneyland, due to the death being ruled an accident, the debate of whether it really was the fault of the happiest place on earth is still very much alive.

A lot of people come to Disneyland Florida not only from all over America but from all over the world. And while yes there was a no swimming sign and alligators are prevalent everywhere in the city, most people are not aware of the dangers of this sort of wildlife. The question still arises, did Disney do enough in terms of security?

The Importance Of Disneyland’s Responsibility In Keeping Visitors Safe

For any sort of business that is open to the public it is essential for the owners by law to keep any and all visitors safe during their visit. People visit your property trusting that you have taken all the steps possible to ensure that they will remain safe and unhurt during their visit. This rule is no different for Disneyland. They need to make sure they maintain an environment that is safe and that visitors do not get hurt, injured, or killed.

Steps Were Taken By Disneyland In “Resolving” The Incident

Even though death was considered an accident Disneyland did try to make amends with the family. This not only included erecting the lighthouse sculpture but also opening a trust in the boy’s name. Any other assistance to the family by Disney is not public knowledge.

What Is Wrongful Death?

If a death happens due to negligence from another party it is known as wrongful death. When this occurs the loved ones of the deceased can claim damages by filing a wrongful death claim. Even though the family decided not to press charges there are a few questions they could have asked to see if they had a claim:

  • How often are alligators seen in the lagoon where this attack happened?
  • Did Disney do its best to mitigate the accident or warn tourists about the potential dangers of the lagoon?
  • If not, can Disney World be held legally responsible for the toddler’s death?

These questions will help figure out if Disney really was to blame.

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