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Workplace Bullying Vs. Harassment

While some employers may treat bullying and harassment as the same conduct, it is actually not the same thing. They are both illegal and problematic behaviors with key differences. It is important you learn about them and how to handle this negative conduct with the help of an experienced California workplace harassment attorney. Employers should implement bullying and harassment policies…

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11 Signs Of Sexual Harassment To Watch Out For This Holiday Season

In light of recent news stories about sexual harassment that keep mounting across industries in America, it’s time to talk about holidays and their close relation to sexual harassment and misconduct. It may or may not be a surprise to many, but there are even higher chances of sexual harassment during the holiday season, particularly during the Christmas and New…

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Beware Of Holiday Party Sexual Harassment

Every year, many businesses throughout the country enjoy hosting holiday gatherings. While seasonal celebrations are very common during this time of the year, it is also common for some employees to experience sexual harassment during such gatherings. The fun get-togethers are the perfect atmosphere for sexual predators to mingle. Although most events aren’t held at work or during business hours,…

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Workplace Harassment And Prevention

The workplace should be placed where you feel welcomed and accepted. Employers should create a culture or environment that encourages your skills and talent to stay. Likewise, you should treat and respect your team showing them that you trust their aptness to do a great job. But what happens when you experience workplace harassment? The work environment should be free…

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