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Workplace Discrimination

How to Recognize Discrimination in The Workplace?

Most people support the idea that qualifications and capability should be the only ways to evaluate employability and that no one should be excluded from an employment opportunity or treated differently for reasons that have nothing to do with job performance. Unfortunately, there need to be laws in place to remind employers that when it comes to employment-related decisions, they…

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The ‘Bro Culture’ In Gaming Faces Harsh Reality In California

Gaming’s “Bro Culture” recently took a big hit in California. State Regulators have targeted enforcement actions at two of the biggest players in the video game industry: Activision Blizzard and Riot Games. The investigations into the two companies are a strong show of state force to eliminate workplace bias and discrimination. The Civil Rights Act and various other federal and…

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Riot Games’ Backpedaling Leads To More Gender Discrimination Litigation

The video game company Riot Games has jumped out of the legal frying pan and into the fire as they backed out of the settlement in the gender discrimination class-action lawsuit against them. They prefer the possibility of hundreds of individual arbitration hearings and an additional class-action lawsuit. If you or somebody you love has faced workplace discrimination in California,…

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