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Lawsuit Alleges Tesla Engages In Racial Discrimination

Tesla has quickly grown to become one of the most recognizable automotive brands in the country and even the world. For many, a Tesla is a status symbol. These vehicles combine the attractiveness of sports cars with eco-friendly technology that ideally minimizes a driver’s carbon footprint. Behind the scenes, however, Tesla employees may not be treated fairly depending on their…

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Why Can’t Americans Learn To Respect Each Other?

Civil rights laws in the United States exist to enforce fairness because, unfortunately, people don’t always play fair without strong encouragement. These laws hold that certain social opportunities and considerations should be the same for everyone regardless of what they look like or where they come from. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the first major legislative change for…

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You Can Sue Your Employer For Unfair Treatment

Many employers these days mistreat their employees and think they can get away with it. These abusers are generally afraid because they know they have done something wrong and their employees are legally entitled to sue them. This is particularly true for companies engaged in illegal activity. If you have been mistreated at work, you should contact a California workplace…

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California Lawmakers Approve A Resolution Opposing Anti-Semitism

California lawmakers have recently passed a resolution in response to the rise of anti-Semitic incidents. There have been too many incidents of verbal discrimination, targeted assaults, and cemetery desecrations across the state in recent years. Lawmakers believe this new resolution will help put a stop to these hateful acts. Jews have been targeted throughout history, particularly in the United States…

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