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Wage & Hour

Overtime Workers Silenced

Most employers by nature hate when their employees speak out, especially if that involves overtime violations. This type of employer prefers a submissive attitude while they continue to exploit and steal from their employees. If you are working extra hours and you have not compensated accordingly, you should consult an experienced California wage and hour lawyer to handle your circumstances.…

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The Impact Of Minimum Wage In California – Going Up 50¢ In 2018!

The minimum wage in California is supposed to increase to 50¢ by January 1st, 2018. The ultimate goal is to reach $15 an hour by 2023. While this is good news, it can also decrease job availability. Some small businesses are already planning to charge customers more and layoff many employees. These are some hard decisions to make but the…

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Dealing With Unpaid Sales Commission

It is common for sales reps currently experiencing transitions at work, to close sales without being compensated accordingly. Compensation should not be withheld from these workers, under most circumstances. Many legal disputes have arisen as a result of this illegal comportment. There are times when the sales representative closes the sale yet the client doesn’t pay until later on after…

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Construction Workers In California Complain About Pay

Construction workers in California continue complaining about wage theft. This is especially true for female construction workers who earn significantly less than men. Unfortunately, one in six construction workers in the state is having their wages stolen. Whether it involves cheating on payroll overtime or taxes, wage fraud is wrong and employers should not get away with this crime. Contact…

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