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Surgeon Left Theatre Too Soon Leading To Patient Death

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

Pervaiz Chaudhry in Fresno County Superior Court is undergoing a medical malpractice case. His patient Silvino Perez, 76 was left in a vegetative state after surgery. The patient suffered extreme blood loss which caused a lack of oxygen to travel to the brain. The blame is being placed on the doctor claiming that he left the operating theatre way too early before the patient was stable.

The Allegations Against Pervaiz Chaudhry:

Ricardo Echeverria the attorney fighting Perez’s case said that this was in violation of Community Regional Medical Center policy and that Chaudhry is “The captain of the ship going into the surgery,”.

The doctor also violated policy by not having a backup cardiac surgeon when Chaudhry left the hospital grounds, the attorney said.

It is claimed that due to the doctor being half an hour away in a restaurant to conduct a business meeting that by the time he reached the hospital again it was too late to save the patient.

The Defense’s Case

The attorney defending the doctor, Jim Goodman said This is a very unfortunate case in which we had an extremely rare complication. In every step of the process, he was not in any way negligent. What he did meet the standard of care in every instance.”

He claims that the doctor made sure that the patient was stabilized completely before he left the premises and that the surgery was routine. The heart valve and damaged aorta were successfully replaced and repaired.

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