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What kinds of treatments do serious burns require?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Personal Injury

Burns vary by degree. If you suffer a first-degree burn, you may only need to apply a burn ointment and bandage to the burn.  By contrast, severe burns generally constitute a medical emergency and require different treatments to preserve your life and manage symptoms.

WebMD explains that third and fourth-degree burns penetrate deeper into the skin than minor burns. Serious burns generally require some if not all of the following treatments.

Intravenous treatments

A severe burn can deplete your body fluids and cause you to go into shock if you do not receive intravenous fluids. Doctors might also administer antibiotics since intense burns may open up your skin and expose you to harmful bacteria. Without timely treatment, your body could go into a deadly septic shock.

Treatments to manage pain

A major problem with severe burns is that they can produce persistent and debilitating pain. Even treating an intense burn can feel painful, as removing a burn dressing exposes the wound to open air. Cleaning the wound could also create extreme discomfort. You will likely need strong pain medications to help you through these treatments and minimize any lingering pain caused by the burn.

Skin replacement

Third and fourth-degree burns can result in the total destruction of skin in the affected area. It may be necessary to replace the lost skin. Grafting healthy skin taken from another part of your body is a possible option. Some treatments use synthetic skin.

Recovering from a burn might also involve psychological counseling if your burns have caused significant disfigurations. You should be aware of and understand your treatment options as soon as possible so you know how to best proceed.