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What age discrimination in the workplace looks like

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Employment Law

Unfortunately, many people experience ageism in the workplace. California law protects individuals 40 years and above from discrimination from employers, supervisors and colleagues, yet it still happens.

Here is what age discrimination in the workplace looks like:

Offensive comments

Offensive comments about your age at work can be considered discriminative. These include calling you nicknames that show you are older or asking disrespectful questions about your generation. 

You are excluded from conversations 

You should be alarmed if your employer excludes you from meetings. For example, they may not invite you to a discussion about the company’s future because they plan to dismiss you. Note that your employer may do this severally to make you quit since they know they can’t fire you without a legal reason.

You don’t get the promotion you deserve 

If you are qualified for a promotion but don’t get it – a younger person does, you may have experienced age discrimination.

Your employer reduces your duties

If your employer changes your job duties or reduces them, it may be discriminatory. In some cases, an employer can change an employee’s duties or schedule without the employee’s consent unless the employment contract states otherwise. But your employer may do this to remove you from projects. 

They might make it seem like they are doing it in your best interest, but this may not be the case. 

Your employer encourages you to retire

Your employer should not force you to retire. While an employer can offer incentives to retire, forcing employees to retire is illegal.

If you believe you have experienced age discrimination work, you should contact an attorney to help you understand your options.