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Cruising with giants: Why motorcycles and semis don’t mix well

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Personal Injury

Sharing the road with any vehicle can be risky for motorcyclists, but riding near a tractor-trailer poses unique accident hazards. These behemoths of the highway dwarf motorcycles in size and weight. Even a relatively minor collision can have devastating consequences for the biker.

Below is an exploration of hazards to anticipate when you share the road with these giants. Knowing about them can help keep you safe.

Tire blowouts

Many tractor-trailers use recap tires, which can blow out with little (or no) warning. During a blowout, the pressurized tire explodes with massive force, sending shockwaves and debris flying in all directions. Motorcyclists can suffer severe injuries from a nearby truck tire mishap.

Enormous blind spots

A large commercial truck, with or without a trailer, has swaths of blind spots around the entire rig, especially on the sides and back. A motorcyclist tucked into these hidden areas is simply invisible to the trucker. Blind spots are the cause of many truck accidents involving cars and bikes.

Limited maneuverability

Unlike nimble motorcycles, massive trucks have a wide turning radius and need a lot of extra room to complete maneuvers. It can also take longer to brake and slow a truck than a passenger vehicle. Getting caught in the wrong place as a trucker navigates a tight spot can lead to an accident.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists nearly always come out on the losing end in a collision with a heavy commercial automobile. Those who survive typically suffer life-altering injuries like brain damage or paralysis.

Your accident claim must address all your losses, including those that may arise later, such as lost future wages or ongoing medical expenses. Legal guidance may help ensure you have done everything possible to maximize your injury compensation under California law.