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Medical Malpractice

Why Is Filing a Medical Malpractice Suit Hard?

The legal world is hard to describe. Unfortunately, it isn’t always about finding the right from the wrong. Medical Malpractice is proving that a caretaker breached a duty of care. In order to create a successful case, you need a team of legal assistants who have the education and patience to carry you through the process. Our California medical malpractice…

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Medical Mistakes Are Detrimental

When Leilani Schweitzer experienced an incredible loss due to a medical mistake, she turned her grieving into a powerful force that seeks to help others dealing with similar situations. Schweitzer is currently a patient liaison for Stanford University Hospital’s Risk Management team and her job is to help mediate adverse outcomes (mistakes) when they occur at the hospital. She has…

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How Can MICRA Damage Cap Affect Your Medical Malpractice Case?

Every year, recently, approximately 35 million people visit the hospital. This may sound like a lot, but over the years the amount of people entering hospitals has been decreasing. Today we have 1000 fewer hospitals than before and still, we are seeing a decrease in patient income. However, when we think of the medical staff on hand, there is still…

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“Get Out of Jail Free Card” for Bad Doctors More Common Than You Think

We like to think that we’re in good hands when we go to the doctor, from our family doctors who we see for general health problems to surgeons that we trust with our lives on the operating table. But what happens when a doctor surrenders his medical license instead of having it revoked? Can he still practice medicine elsewhere? The…

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The Case Of The Fake Pharmacist

We recently learned that Walgreens has come under fire because it seems they have been dispensing mediations illegally for over 10 years at multiple California Walgreens locations. The California pharmacy board says that from November 2006 to September 2017, Kim Thien Le has filled almost 750,000 prescriptions. The problem is that she is not, and never has been, a pharmacist.…

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When Does Your Doctor’s Rudeness Cross the Legal Boundaries?

A poor bedside manner is a rampant problem in this country. But when does a bad bedside manner crosses the boundaries of acceptable behavior and becomes medical malpractice? After all, many patients mistake a poor bedside manner for medical malpractice while others fail to recognize clear signs of medical malpractice when their medical professional is rude, unsympathetic, inattentive to the…

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Myths About Caps on ‘Non-Economic’ Damages in California’s Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

If there is one thing that hurts your chances of successfully recovering damages in a medical malpractice case, it’s definitely myths about medical malpractice restrictions imposed by California law. Today, we invited our medical malpractice lawyer in California from Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation to spell out the most dangerous myths about legal restrictions for medical malpractice lawsuits…

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