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Are Retailers Liable for Dangerous Products they Sell Online?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Product Liability

As the holiday season approaches, many people turn to online shopping to buy presents for their family and friends. But not every online purchase is safe. There are times when harmful or defective products are sold on the web. If this happens to you, the online retailer may be liable. You need to ask your California product liability attorney about how you can protect your rights in such scenarios.

Whether online or at your local store, retailers are responsible for selling products that are safe to use. However, some retailers may argue that they are not responsible for a product they didn’t design or manufacture. It’s difficult to know when a product is defective or dangerous for use. But retailers know they must take measures to guarantee the products they sell are safe otherwise they may be held liable if the product causes injuries or harms the consumer. Furthermore, they may be held liable, even if you have not used the product. For example, if you are injured by a product purchased by someone else, you may still have a case as you can hold the manufacturer liable just as the person that purchases the product can do so.

The best way to find out if a retailer is liable for selling a defective product is by talking to your attorney and explaining your circumstances. Your California product liability lawyer can help you prove the retailer’s negligence.

When The Retailer Knows The Product Is Defective

Sometimes the retailer knows the product contains a defect but still sells it. For example, some products may be recalled and the retailer is responsible to remove them from their shelves and website immediately. Sometimes the retailer may also be required to inform clients that bought a dangerous product and either replace or repair it for them. Retailers that fail to do so are responsible for their neglectful behavior.

When More Than One Party Is Involved

Some cases involve several parties such as the retailer, manufacturer, and distributor. The manufacturer is held liable if there was a lack of care in the design, production, and assembly of the product. There may also be false advertising about the safety of a particular product. Some advertising may conceal a defect or possible damage. The vendor is also responsible to sell items that are safe for consumers. Even individuals with no direct relationship to the product can sue for damages or injuries caused by the product.

What Causes These Injuries

The causes of these injuries can vary. It’s difficult to determine the causes without the assistance of an experienced attorney. The most important thing is proving the product was defective and that this defect caused much harm. There are times when the defendant may not responsible for the injuries. This is why hiring an experienced attorney is so crucial if you want to win your case.

Ask an attorney

If you have suffered harm or injuries caused by a dangerous product sold online, call us today. We ask our clients to focus on healing and don’t stress about the legal process. We can take care of that while you focus on recovering