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What Makes A Product Dangerous?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Product Liability

Many products out there are marketed as safe and easy to use yet thousands of people are injured every year by an unsafe product. Products are supposed to solve problems and not create them. However, when a product is dangerous its use can cause severe injuries and expose users to much harm. In this type of situation, victims of dangerous products can hire a California product liability attorney to represent them and obtain compensation for all their losses.

Defective Design

There are some products that have design flaws, which can be a dangerous scenario for users. In most cases, the design or manufacturing error affects not only one product but hundreds of them. Unfortunately, many of these products are sold without warning to potential buyers. Some of the most common causes include devices that don’t operate properly.

Manufacturing Defects

These are mistakes that occur during the manufacturing process, which may cause the product to become faulty. Some of the most common examples include broken or missing parts. Companies manufacturing these products should identify errors before distributing these defective products.

Adequate Directions For Use

Many products sold to consumers don’t include adequate directions for use as well as warnings for injuries or dangers they could cause. When these important instructions are not provided, manufacturers are held liable for any damages or injuries caused by the product. The most common examples are medications without possible side effects.

Deceptive Advertising

Sometimes manufacturers mislead users about what a product may do for them through false advertising. These companies should always provide the truth when labeling. Consumers are entitled to know what they are buying.

How Did You Know The Product Is Defective?

The product is defective in how it was manufactured or designed. Also, sellers may also be responsible for marketing these dangerous products. There is only one exception to products known as “unavoidably unsafe.” Your California product liability lawyer will be able to tell you whether the product that caused your injuries is categorized as such.

California Product Liability Law

Almost every day we have to use products that may be defective yet we are not qualified to evaluate these products for safety. We simply trust manufacturers to provide the best quality but that’s not always the case. In California, a product is categorized as defective if it was poorly manufactured or designed or if sufficient warnings were not provided.

We Can Review Your Case Free Of Charge

Product liability cases are difficult to handle on your own. If you have been injured by one of these products, you need an experienced attorney to review your situation and determine the best course of action. Call us today and schedule a private consultation to talk about the details of your case. We will guide you through the product liability process so you can focus on healing and be getting better.