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What Is Considered an Act of Medical Malpractice?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a serious event that can lead to grave consequences for its victims. There are a variety of negligent acts that can cause a medical malpractice accusation to arise. From failure to diagnose or treat to leaving surgical implements inside a patient and then sewing them back together, there are many horrible ways a doctor’s malpractice can have lasting consequences on a patient-turned-victim.

Leading Malpractice Dangers

According to a 2013 issue of BMJ Quality & Safety, errors in diagnosis accounted for the greatest number of successful malpractice claims. This means that a failure to diagnose or treat an illness is the leading reason for medical malpractice claims in California. The most common consequences of these acts of negligence included death and permanent injury, including both serious and major injuries.

Even Allegedly Minor Injuries Can Cause Chronic Problems For Victims

If your doctor engages in a negligent act and then works quickly to “reverse” the problem, you may think you’re going to be okay. The truth is, even when actions are taken to quickly rectify a problem, even the most minor problems that arise due to medical malpractice can cause chronic harm. For example, if a surgeon leaves a medical implement inside his or her patient by accident, he or she may perform yet another surgery on the patient to remove the implement in a timely manner. However, the human body is not designed to sustain so much trauma in such a short time, and the victim may experience a reaction to the act of being operated on again so soon after the fact—an operation that wouldn’t have been necessary at all if negligence hadn’t been a factor.

Malpractice-Related Payouts Are Down, But An Attorney Who Specializes Can Help

Experience and expertise matter. According to data published by the Center for Justice and Democracy, medical malpractice settlement award amounts are often reduced by the courts by as much as 70 percent. The reasons behind these award reductions are not clear, but by choosing an attorney who is a malpractice specialist in California, you can increase your chances of getting the maximum compensation possible.

If You Suspect Medical Malpractice, Document Everything About Your Injuries

Injury documentation is important in building a legal case against the physician who wronged you. Take photographs of applicable wounds or injuries and keep records of x-rays, ultrasounds, and medical bills associated with your injury. By keeping good records of the circumstances surrounding your malpractice-related injury or illness, you greatly improve the chances of receiving monetary compensation for your pain and suffering.

Victims Of Medical Malpractice Are Entitled To Compensation Under The Law

If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of medical malpractice, contact a California medical malpractice attorney to find out what options are available to you under the law. The trained professionals at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation can evaluate your case for free, and help you get the maximum monetary award available as a victim of medical negligence. Contact us today for your free consultation.