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Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, on someone’s property, or in your home, but the cause of injury was due to negligence, recklessness, or willfulness of someone else then you have reason to call 818-783-5757 or click here to reach out to our personal injury attorneys in California at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation.

It is a popular belief that hiring an attorney isn’t worth it because we charge a lot of money and the result is never a guarantee. Our personal injury lawyers in California at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation understand that if you are not in the legal community then it is hard to navigate the kind of terrain we, as attorneys, exist on every day. We have a team of five attorneys who are willing to work for you and help better your situation.

Our mission at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation is to ensure that you get your legal representation with ease. To makes things easier on our clients we give a free initial consultation in person or by telephone. This helps our attorneys get a better understanding of your situation and how we can best help you. We also believe in providing bilingual services. We have Spanish-speaking attorneys who can help with translation as well as direct communication.

We have also learned from those around us who have failed. Most attorneys fail their clients because they do not keep a direct line of communication with the client. Other attorneys do not establish relationships with each new person they meet and therefore their ability to fight aggressively and meaningfully falls to the waste side. This is when it feels as if you aren’t getting your money’s worth. We at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation are here to let you know that you are our top priority. We have impressive investigative techniques and our courtroom technology gives us an edge on all cases.

So why hire a Personal Injury Attorney? In short, hiring our personal injury lawyer will increase your chances of getting the results you deserve. With our experience and understanding of the court system and claims process, you are increasing your success rate by hiring one of our professionals to help you. Throughout our years in the California community, the most common kinds of personal injuries we see are

Product Liability: injuries caused by defective products that can result in traumatic injuries which can be life-changing

Medical Malpractice: injuries caused by those in the medical profession not using the standard of care or being negligent while taking care of a patient

Legal Malpractice: typically losing finances or falling on to hardship due to the negligence of an attorney

Professional Malpractice: injuries caused by someone who is pretending to be an effective professional like an accountant fraudulently presenting credentials or they are abusing their power

Wrongful Death: death or injury which resulted in death due to the negligence of someone or some party

If any of these apply to you then do not hesitate to call 818-783-5757 or click here to reach out to our personal injury attorneys today.