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Mental Illness Reason For Wrongful Death

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Wrongful Death

Whenever someone is injured and those injuries result in death from a party or person who is negligent or reckless with their actions, it is a wrongful death. Every death is wrong because it hurts their loved ones, but in the legal sense wrongful death is a civil suit to obtain justice for the loss of their loved one. Wrongful Death suits are created for loved ones to obtain financial compensation because their loved one would be alive but for the negligent acts of a person or party. In order to make sure that your loved one is getting the representation they deserve then you need to seek credible and successful California wrongful death lawyers like those at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation in California.

A Wrongful Death Story

When you call the police it is typically because you need someone to intervene, deescalate a situation, or protect yourself. The police are overall a good body of people to have. They enter situations that no one would hardly volunteer for and they see people from all spectrums of humanness. However, in the end, the police are just human themselves. They have their biases and faults just like everyone else. The problem with people like the police having those unchecked biases and faults is that someone can get very hurt. Because the police have a great amount of power it can turn a scary situation into something fatal.

The case of Irwin’s family depicts the wrong way the police handled a situation. Allison Irwin, the wife of Chad Irwin, called and hung up on a 911 call which prompted the police to check to see if all was well. Allison Irwin confessed to the police that her husband was mentally ill, took alcohol mixed with prescribed pills, and was threatening suicide while carrying a knife in his hand. The police tried to tell the husband to put the knife down; however, because the man was in a mental fit, he did not follow directions.

The policeman fired 7 shots and killed Chad. The wife of Chad sued the police officer for using excessive force on a mentally ill person. The courts found that the police officer was in the wrong and approved the $7 million lawsuits for her husband. A victory like this is difficult. You want to respect the police and their duty yet you need to find justice for your loved one.

What To Do

Don’t walk this tightrope by yourself. If someone you loved died due to the negligence or recklessness of someone or some party then you need to reach out to our wrongful death lawyers at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation in California. Call 818-783-5757  or click here to speak to our professional attorneys today. We understand your delicate situation and we will work hard and aggressively to ensure that your loved one gets the justice they deserve and that your family is taken care of.