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The Practical Consequences of a Hostile Work Environment

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Employment Law

Not everyone enjoys going to work. However, no one should have to be afraid of going to work or feel anxious in their workplace due to unreasonable treatment. There are laws that exist to ensure California’s workers are not victims of such hostile work environments.

It is the employer’s responsibility to cultivate a work environment that is fairly comfortable and accommodating. Additionally, the employee who is being mistreated is not the only one who is at a disadvantage when a work environment becomes hostile. Employers themselves can face a range of consequences if they fail to keep their workers safe from harassment, discrimination, and bullying.

Such consequences include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

Productivity Losses

This is one of the most common and significant results of a hostile work environment. When an otherwise qualified and competent employee does not feel comfortable at work, they will not be able to focus on their daily responsibilities and general duties. This can limit their ability to be as productive as they might be if they were treated with respect.

Along with preventing an employee from realizing their full potential, this type of productivity loss will limit the degree to which an organization can remain competitive. An employer who is not fully optimizing the productivity of their workers is an employer who will struggle to thrive.


No one looks forward to going to work when their workplace is one in which they feel harassed, threatened, or otherwise victimized. Thus, employees who are forced to work in hostile environments often find reasons to avoid reporting to work.

This does not necessarily mean that these employees are “slackers” who want to avoid work in general. They simply wish to avoid situations that make them feel significantly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, when they are at work, avoiding those situations can be particularly difficult.

Lack of Engagement

Optimizing employee engagement should be among the top goals of any employer. Workers who are engaged on-the-job are not only more productive, but also tend to radiate positivity in a manner that has a beneficial impact on morale in their teams and among their coworkers.

They are also more likely to stay with the company instead of seeking employment elsewhere. As the cost of employee turnover is much higher than many employers realize, it is critical to address the problem sooner rather than later whenever even a single employee appears disengaged due to a hostile work environment.

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The reasons employers should strive to ensure their work environments are the type in which all employees feel comfortable and safe are numerous. Unfortunately, not all employers take the necessary steps to guard against hostile work environments.

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