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Is Your Employer A Front For Criminal Activity?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Retaliation

When an employer is breaking the law and expecting employees to do the same, this puts these employees in a very difficult situation. Workplace retaliation is real for millions of Americans, especially when it comes to reporting illegal or criminal activity in the workplace. The best way to deal with this situation is by talking to your employer first and request help from an employee retaliation lawyer in California.

Do Your Research

Nobody goes to war unprepared. The same is true when you are involved in a legal battle against your employer. You should check state labor laws, your contract, and other resources to determine if your employer is truly breaking the law. If your workplace is unsafe, check with OSHA to figure out which laws can be applied to your specific situation.

Talk To Your Employer

Depending on your circumstances, this can be very difficult. Some employers are not good at communicating with their employees. There are times when employers may not know they are doing something illegal, but in most cases, they are actually indulged. The pleasure of illegal behavior can only last so long. If you have ever met this type of employer, you probably realized how miserable and unsatisfied they are. But sometimes talking to your employer is the best way to fix the situation and keep your job, especially if the alleged illegal behavior is something that can be easily fixed.

Wrongful Termination

Under federal laws and state wrongful termination laws, it is illegal to fire an employee for reporting illegal activities at work. While most employees throughout the nation are at-will employees, which means they can be fired anytime for practically any reason, employees still have legal protections, especially in retaliation cases. Whether the complaint was related to unequal pay, gender discrimination, or reporting unsafe or illegal behavior, you should ask an attorney about your rights.

Help Form The Government

You can also file a complaint with the state and federal labor departments. There are whistleblower laws meant to protect you. If you are terminated for reporting the illegal behavior, you should be able to obtain unemployment. Find out how you can report a violation in your state and don’t wait one more day before reporting any violations at work. Gather important evidence such as emails and photographs and don’t delay asking a legal advocate what to do in your specific situation.

Consult With Your Attorney

Depending on your employer’s reaction, you can request outside help. You should be careful as some employers are really good at lying. If that’s your case, you should hire an attorney and avoid talking to your employer. It is important you document the steps you are taking and write down everything your employer says. Take this information to your California employment lawyer who can help you navigate your case with ease.