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When The Internet And Product Liability Laws Collide?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2018 | Product Liability

Our modern world has become too dependent on the Internet. Everything seems to be available online. From news, entertainment, shopping, to dating, all your wishes may come true. But the truth is that you may be one click away from destroying your life. This is obviously not a good Internet marketing strategy but it’s what many consumers throughout the nation complain about.

Many online products are not what they promise to be. It is quite difficult to avoid buying fake products online. How can you discern if a product is good or not? It may seem okay to buy a product such as a perfume or a watch, which are not harmful even when they are fake. But the problem is when you buy a dangerous product. Some of them can be life-threatening, especially the ones categorized as food and electrical or safety products. If you are buying these products, you should buy them from a brand or retailer you trust. Don’t venture into purchasing these products from a who-knows-what brand. While some new brands can be great, depending on the type of product you are purchasing, do some research before buying online and hire an experienced California product liability attorney if your experience is not as pleasant as you expected.

From a legal perspective, a product is a product, even when sold online. In other words, the same product liability laws that apply to the cell phone you bought at a local store will apply to the device you bought on Amazon. Hence products sold online are also subject to liability claims.

Of course, there are some exceptions. Some products such as software may not be categorized as products for liability reasons. For instance, when the software is created for a specific client, then it becomes a service rather than a product. So if you bought software online you may not have a liability case. However, if the software was customized for the client, it may be subject to these laws, as long as the person creating the software is a manufacturer rather than a service provider.

It seems confusing but it is actually simple. Most product liability claims actually arise from a product that was used as an instrument but failed. Defective products are also very common but the law also has an answer for these types of cases.

While shopping online can be fun and convenient, you will be exposed to the same dangers of retail shopping. In some cases, it can be more dangerous because you can’t try the product or feel the quality. Online shopping has created new risks. But the law is clear. If the product doesn’t work and if it causes bodily injury or damage, the victim is entitled to sue the manufacturer.

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