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California Coffee Shops May Be Forced To Put A Cancer Label On Coffee

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2018 | Product Liability

A California lawsuit may force coffee shops to warn customers about how drinking coffee can expose people to cancer. Should coffee be labeled as carcinogenic? A state judge in Los Angeles is supposed to determine whether Californians should be warned about the potential harms of drinking coffee. Some people feel the lawsuit is going too far. There are already labels everywhere, parking garages, apartment buildings, and restaurants. One of these days you may wake up to see them on your front door and we might also implement new DUI laws related to drinking too much coffee and call it DUIC or something like that.

The lawsuit wants companies to post warnings with a description of why coffee is so dangerous. If the lawsuit is successful, you may come to hate the nectar of the gods. They want coffee companies to reduce the amount of coffee to the point there is no cancer risk. Where’s the fun in that? You might say. This is exactly the way many coffee lovers throughout California feel. But perhaps it is a good thing if you want to live longer.

Some companies, including Starbucks, are very upset and have not made any comments on the litigation. Coffee has always been categorized as a healthy drink. The lawsuit apparently makes consumers confused but it doesn’t have to be that way. Coffee will always be there but the amount per serving will be less.

The coffee case has been going on for a few years since many coffee sellers and manufacturers, including Starbucks, were sued. Defendants said that coffee is a harmless drink and actually very beneficial for your health. In fact, some research suggests that coffee can protect you against some types of cancer. But the link between coffee and cancer has been going on since 1971 and it will continue.

How Harmful Is The Chemical In Coffee?

The problem is the level of acrylamide in coffee. This chemical is used in some industrial processes. So when coffee beans are roasted, acrylamide is formed. It is not possible to remove this chemical from coffee so every time you drink it; you are exposing yourself to it. Exposure to this chemical may cause nerve damage, according to research on animals. Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies done on humans. Acrylamide has always been there, pretty much since the first man started cooking. Recent research just shed some light on the problem.

So What Do You Do? Should You Stop Drinking Coffee?

The link between coffee and acrylamide has not been fully proven yet but it is possible that there is a link. Just get ready to start seeing more cancer labels warning Californians about the potential dangers of the popular steamy drink.

If a harmful product has caused you substantial physical injuries, call a California defective product lawyer to help you determine whether you have a case.