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5 Recalled Defective Products Injuring Consumers

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Product Liability

Consumers should never feel apprehensive when shopping for food, toys, electronics, or picking up medicines to cure their ailments. Unfortunately, not all production processes are perfect. There will be defective products hitting shelves today, tomorrow, and probably twenty years from now.

However, it’s the defective consumer goods that garner the attention of the California defective product attorney firm. Because nobody wants serious injuries from exploding electronics or toxic baby foods.

If you’re in possession of any defective products on this shortlist, and they injured you, calling your attorney should be priority number one.

Goodman Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (3/1/2018)

Fresh into a new month, and already one major recall announced. Although these PTAC units are commonly installed in commercial settings (you may recognize these in hotels), some homes have these for climate control purposes.

534,000 units have been recalled across America, with an additional 3,400 in Canada. The motorized fans facing outdoors can overheat and cause fires, which can happen when people are sleeping or away. The company is asking anyone with these units to discuss options with Amana, although injuries sustained from these units should be addressed with an attorney.

Graco High Chairs (3/1/2018)

Although you’ll find Graco chairs in retailers everywhere, this defective product recall affects Walmart customers only. Built specifically for children, high chairs are being constructed with weak back legs that can pivot from their upright position, causing the unit to tip.

Children that are injured from these could sustain serious or fatal falls, depending on the height of the chair and the child’s age. 36,000 U.S. recalls were reported, with additional 3,200 Canadian recalls. Parents of injured children should phone their California defective products lawyer prior to calling Graco.

Double Insight Instant Pot™ (3/1/2018)

Cooking with this multifunctional 8-in-1 multicooker was supposed to mean streamlined dinner preparation. Unfortunately, there’s an element inside this cooker being recalled by the manufacturer because it’s known for melting and/or causing fires.

104,000 were recalled overall. If you sustained injuries from this multicooker, and believe the manufacturer should pay, phone your legal counsel regardless if your product falls within a recalled UPC parameter or not.

PL Sleep Children’s Sleepwear (2/28/2018)

Children’s clothing can cause personal injury? Absolutely.

Lemur Group, Inc. produced 1,100 nightgowns that failed U.S. standards for flammability. Without this level of protection, children are at risk of sustaining burn injuries.

Buyers may have found these at Saks Fifth Avenue, Von Maur, or Lord & Taylor in addition to and Chasing Fireflies. Injured children may be entitled to compensation.

UltraX & Ultra1 Folding Bicycles (2/26/2018)

Although the number of bikes Allen Sports is recalling is relatively small (150), the injuries these folding bikes pose is much worse than other products above.

Frames of these bicycles can break without warning or ‘rough riding’, causing riders to fall. Imagine the frame busting when cruising down steep hills. These 20-speed models may be returned for a full refund, although injuries sustained should be compensated for. Contact your California defective products attorney to learn more.

This list of recalls, found at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, is meant for your information only. You should retain an educated product defects attorney should injuries predate recall announcements.