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What Should I Do If A Product I’m Using Is Recalled?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2018 | Product Liability

When a product is recalled, the government or the manufacturer has determined that is unsafe for use or consumption. That means that you should not use or consume it!

Determining whether a product has been recalled can be tricky because companies often do not have a meaningful way to contact each and every one of their customers. A product you use every day may have been recalled, and you did not know it.

The government pairs up with various organizations, including the USDA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Food and Drug Administration to create a comprehensive list of recalls. You can access this list here. The manufacturer will often put out notices and the government entity involved will issue a press release as well.

There are a few things you should know if a product you use regularly has been recalled.

1. Never, Never Use The Product Again Until The Problem Is Addressed.

There is a reason that the product was recalled—and it is likely because someone determined it was unsafe. If you were not harmed, you should be thankful. However, using the product again, even after you know about the recall, is an unnecessary risk. Do not use the product again until the flaw can be addressed. You may need to replace the product entirely instead of fixing it as well.

2. You May Need To Return The Product.

To ensure that you are not using a particular product, the company may ask that you return the product to them. They may even provide you with a postage-paid envelope for the return. If the product has low value, you may want to just throw it away instead of mailing it back. If you chose to do this, it is a good idea to let the company know so they can account for that product. Be sure you dispose of the product correctly so that others may not use it in the future either.

3. The Company May Be Required To Reimburse You For The Product.

In some situations, you may be able to get a refund or reimbursement for a recalled product. Every recall is different, so you should follow instructions to get your refund based on the information provided with the recall. You may have a few options to return the product, including taking the product to a store, sending it back in, or simply giving a retailer your receipt for the product.

4. You Might Have A Legal Claim If You Were Injured By A Recalled Product.

Any time a product injures someone, they may have a legal claim. However, if a product hurt you and then was recalled, that presents an even stronger case that the product was defective. A California defective product attorney will be able to examine your situation and determine whether you might be able to recover money for your injuries.

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