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General Motors Recalls Continue To Be Issued – Is Your Car On The List?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Product Liability

For several years, General Motors has been issuing recall after recall for a host of defective vehicle parts, many of which are essential to the safe operation of the car. Everything from airbags to fuel pumps seems to have been affected, and while GM is offering to replace the defective car parts free of charge, these manufacturing defects pose a serious risk to both drivers and those they share the road with. One would think with dozens of vehicles on the recall list, some model years going back as far as 2005, there would be more quality control with new models prior to being released to the public to buy—but the recall numbers keep growing.

New ‘Vettes Recalled Over Airbag Concerns

Hundreds of 2019 Chevrolet Corvettes have been recalled over airbag deployment concerns. The issue with the zippy sports car was discovered at a track. The sensor connected to the airbag release system may fail, causing the vehicle to not deploy an airbag when collision conditions occur. A recall has been issued for approximately 500 of the 2019 Corvette ZR1 models at this time over safety concerns.

2013 Chevy Volts Recalled For Faulty Software

More than 3,000 Chevy Volts have been recalled by GM because of faulty software controlling the car’s battery. The affected vehicles were at risk of shutting down completely while driving in traffic, making them hazardous for both the drivers and passengers, and other motorists. GM has explained that the issue is one of the failures of battery cells to balance correctly, leading the car to lose its propulsion abilities. Although a stalling car may not seem as serious as airbag failure and no injuries have yet been reported as a result of this particular recall, the risk remains a concern for Volt drivers across the country.

Fire Risk In Model-Year 2018 GM Cars

Several hundred GMC, Cadillac, Buick, and Chevy vehicles have been recalled over a serious fire hazard. The issue affects the fuel pump and fuel line, and the damage caused by the defect can lead to the vehicle catching fire. Although dealerships will replace the affected parts free of charge, anything that could cause a vehicle to be engulfed in flames is a major hazard.

Manufacturers Offer A Free Fix, But It’S Too Late For Some

People with vehicles on the extensive GM recall list are told to take their cars to the nearest dealer for a free repair of the defective part. However, for some people the manufacturing defect has already taken its toll, resulting in injury or even death. If your car was on the recall list and caused you or your loved ones to become injured, consider speaking with a defective product attorney in California about your options under the law.

Get Legal Help If Your Faulty Vehicle Caused You To Get Hurt

More than 2 million General Motors vehicles have been recalled since 2014. Was yours on the list? If you have been injured and you believe a faulty vehicle was to blame, you may be entitled to a financial award. Contact a California product liability attorney today to learn more. The experienced product liability professionals at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation offer free consultations, and they can investigate your case and help you learn more about your rights as a victim of a faulty product.