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Is It The Doctor Or The Product?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Product Liability

When we enter hospitals for surgery, we pray. We pray to some higher power to help steady the hand of the doctor, to steady the mind of the nurse and staff helping the doctor, to ensure that all goes well and that recovery is steady and quick. We pray for all these elements because they are the most common related to surgery. We forget to pray for the effectiveness of the products the doctors place inside us. When products are defective you can file a personal injury lawsuit focusing on the product on liability.

Here Are Some Examples Of Medical Defective Products:

  • In 2008, Steven Baker underwent surgery for an elbow replacement. As an active father of two and a proud Air Force veteran, he hoped the surgery would help him regain the functionality of his elbow. The device used for the elbow replacement was defective and required Baker to have another surgery. This surgery still did not help and to this day Baker is left with managing his pain via pain medication. This has led to a whole other set of problems as the pain medication severely affected his mouth and teeth causing him to have more medical problems.
  • Avery de Groh, age three, had to receive a defibrillator with Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Lead because of a genetic heart arrhythmia. This defibrillator will send shocks to the heart if there is a life-threatening event affecting the heart’s rhythm. The defibrillator was defective and started sending shocks even though there wasn’t any life-threatening situation. This meant that de Groh had to undergo yet another surgery, which is no easy feat for a small child.

Our firm knows that these real stories cause real-life reactions, pain, and suffering. With our experience and expertise, the California defective product lawyer at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation is here to get your life on track. Let us help you build your malpractice in a product liability case.

Other Product Liability

When we think of defective products we tend to think of high-stakes medical situations. But there are other kinds of product liability too. Any product can be defective or considered unsafe due to faulty design, manufacturing problems, providing improper instructions on how to use the product, or failing to warn consumers about the product. Here is a list of products that can be considered defective:

  • Clothing
  • Asbestos
  • Guns and firearms
  • Machinery and tools
  • Tobacco and smoking products
  • Motor vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Food products
  • Alcoholic beverages

When defective products influence our lives no matter how small or big, it means something. It means that there was some communication error when building or creating the product. Do not be a guinea pig. Do not allow this damage to debilitate you. Call us at 818-783-5757 or click here to start your free consultation. Se Habla Español. Since 2000 we have been successfully helping clients get the justice they deserve. We understand the strain of emotions and finances this kind of situation can cause. We are equipped to help you find your justice.