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Recalls Affect Sherman Oaks Stores

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Product Liability

When you go to the grocery store to get food for yourself and your family, we know that the last thing on your mind is that you might become ill because of something you have brought home.

Unfortunately, there may be some problems with our food here in Sherman Oaks.

A recall is now in effect for multiple grocery chains, many of which we have right here in our city. Across the nation, we see that the following chains may be selling food that is contaminated with listeria and salmonella:

  • Harris Teeter
  • Kroger
  • Whole Foods
  • 7-Eleven
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Walmart

Some of the foods affected include vegetables such as corn and onions, according to the US Department of Agriculture. All of the foods affected were produced by a single company – McCain Foods.

While it would be nice if this was a fluke, we know that many products we use and consume can cause us harm. Do you know what to do if you or a loved one are injured by a product you have purchased?

If you need a product liability attorney in California, you can count on Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation to be by your side.

What Can Happen?

Faulty products are common, despite all of the regulations and laws in place to protect consumers. If you look at the government website that tracks all current recalls, you will see that thousands of products are posing a danger to US consumers.

These cases usually arise in one of three ways:

  • A product is poorly designed, and this design ends up posing a danger to consumers
  • The product is damaged or alters during the manufacturing process and this alters it from its original design, rendering it unsafe
  • Labeling problems do not properly warn consumers of dangers or side effects of the product. This can also include faulty directions and dosage instructions

Many people associate faulty products with vehicles and foods, but the problems go further than that. We often see recalls concerning furniture, car seats, medications, and cosmetics.

While we recognize that most manufacturers and companies do not intentionally do things to harm consumers, we know that faulty products have the potential to affect millions of people.

Do you know where to turn if your or your family gets hurt by something you use or consume?

What You Can Do Now

We know how hard it can be to deal with an injury or illness due to a faulty product. At Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation, we want to make sure you are being treated fairly. We know you will encounter many expenses from your injuries, but we also know that product liability cases can be difficult to pursue. Large companies have teams of lawyers waiting to take on anyone who comes after them.

But we will have your back. When you need a product liability lawyer in California, we will work to ensure all of your incident-related expenses are covered. You can reach out to us on our website by clicking here or calling us at 818-783-5757.