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Wrongful Death: What Next?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2019 | Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences anyone has to deal with. Emotional pain can lead to physical pain which in turn can ruin how productive you are in your everyday life. Losing a loved one due to the negligent behavior of someone or some party is almost unimaginable pain. If you are searching for answers and have landed here then know that you are in the right place. Our wrongful death attorneys in California at Licata & Yeremenko, A Professional Law Corporation can’t erase your pain, but we can help you seek justice on behalf of your loved one. Our wrongful death attorneys are here to listen to you and your story. We do not want to bring you more pain. Instead, we are going to focus on getting you the compensation needed to deal with the financial and medical fall out of losing someone so near and dear to your heart.

Deaths due to negligent behavior come in a variety of situations. If your loved one died in a vehicle accident then our wrongful death lawyers will investigate to see if the driver who caused the accident was negligent in any way. This means we will look to see if they were driving under the influence, if they were distracted, or if they were just using bad judgment. Other situations can involve defective products. We depend on technology and machines every day. Unfortunately, not all products are made with the same care. For example, there is a website dedicated to sending out warnings for recalls on items related to children. Every month there is a running list of items and their abilities to hurt whoever is using them. The hardest part about defective products is that you don’t know if they are defective until someone gets hurt. Last, wrongful deaths can happen due to medical malpractice or serious personal injury. Just because your loved one was in the hospital does not mean that they are not in danger of experiencing negligence. Doctors can be guilty of poor judgment just like the vehicle driver. Just because your loved one experienced a personal injury does not mean that the negligence was a major contribution to the injury.

Wrongful Death Attorneys Are On Your Side

There are many scenarios in which a wrongful death can occur. This is why it is so important to reach out to a wrongful death attorney. If you are the surviving spouse, domestic partner, or children then you eligible to claim a wrongful death suit against whoever is negligent. If there are no surviving spouses, partners, or children, then whoever is entitled to the property can file a claim. This may get complicated if the person had not created a will or did not leave any instruction on what went where. This is yet another reason why you need a wrongful death attorney by your side. Let us deal with the legal ramifications while you save your emotional energy for healing after the tragic death of your loved one. Call 818-783-5757 or click here to start your consultation. We are here to patiently listen to you and fight for your loved one.