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3 Defective Products Types Consumers Must Not Overlook

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | Product Liability

Think about everything proudly displayed around your home: furniture, kitchen appliances, your Bostitch tools, even your dog’s bed. Manufactured somewhere around the globe, products you buy serve some purpose. Often times, consumers design the very products being manufactured and don’t realize they’re doing it. Ingenious, right?

What happens when an overtired quality control worker passes parts that should’ve been flagged? You get defective products somewhere down the assembly line. Once consumers get injured from these flaws, they’re looking for an expert California product defect attorney to recover damages.

Consumable, non-consumable and those products designed for pets can turn defective in three different ways, with each carrying its own level of responsibility in mitigation prior to landing on retail shelves.

Manufacturing Defects

Engineers spend hours each day perfecting schematics, tuning machinery and overlooking the production of small parts which’ll be used in other applications. The larger applications using these parts often wind up in the final assembly of products you’ll use, such as sewing machines or smartphones.

Isolated incidents where bad parts or harmful chemicals make contact with parts before being used to assemble products happen often. Humans not only are threatened by these parts, they’ll have grounds to hold the manufacturer of said parts accountable.

Marketing Defect

Don’t be misled by this type of defect: ‘false advertising’ is completely different in scope than marketing defects, although it could tie into defective marketing methods if television ads portray something the product isn’t.

Read your warning labels. Do they clearly convey small toys are choking hazards? Does it properly describe how something should be used (or taken if medication) to avoid serious harm? If not, phone your California defective products attorney immediately. You’ll have something big on your hands.

Design Defect

Some products get assembled flawlessly from beginning to packaging. They’ll look pretty sitting in their hardened plastic packages, sitting proudly on retail shelves calling your name. Unfortunately, plastic parts made contact with something which may irritate your skin or may spontaneously combust. You’re left injured, the manufacturer is scrambling to find out what happened, and an entire community now fears this product.

Design defects get treated much differently than others. As these potentially affect hundreds, if not thousands, massive recalls are imminent although many times won’t excuse the major design flaw.

Product Safety Is The Consumer’s Right

Admit it, you’re reading this and probably looking around your room. Looking over the picture frames, end tables, maybe your rolling desk chair. Nah, my products were assembled just fine my friend, but a great story.

Designs may appear fine. Labels may warn you of some dangers. However, an extra minute of inspection could uncover some serious mistakes in your child’s toy or that pill designed to help lose weight.

Make no mistake. Lamps in Blu-ray players have exploded in recent history. Arsenic has ended up in the baby formula. Product defects happen often, at the awfullest time. Question is, will you have a defective products attorney in California residents and businesses entrust to handle these situations?