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Could Toyota Face A Defective Product Suit Over Stalling Prius Models?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2018 | Product Liability

Despite a 2014 recall which was intended to address issues with the electrical systems contained within Toyota Priuses, recent reports suggest that drivers continue to have significant problems with the vehicles. More than 800 defective electrical components, intended for use in Prius models, have been returned to Toyota from their dealerships already this year due to electrical failures. These components are believed to be related to a problem that has existed within certain Priuses for the past seven years, where overheating can cause the car to lose power completely, or to be driven only at a very low speed. Rather than resolving over time, the electrical faults would appear to be worsening.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has confirmed it is considered a petition filed by a Toyota dealer last December, in which he requested a formal defect investigation. Although the NHTSA has not yet agreed to launch the investigation, additional information has been requested from the Southern California dealer who submitted the request.

Furthermore, should the electrical faults continue, and result in injuries to Prius drivers and others, Toyota may find themselves facing defective product lawsuits. While there have been no serious accidents reported so far this year, a woman was seriously injured in 2017 after her Prius lost power on a highway, leading to her vehicle being rear-ended, while a 2016 Prius accident saw the manufacturer reported to federal safety regulators.

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