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Defamation: Our Attorneys Can Help Victims

Defamation is the intentional publication of a statement of fact that is false, unprivileged and has a natural tendency to injure or that causes special damage. Defamation can be extremely damaging to the reputation of an individual. A victim of defamation can suffer serious damage to their career and personal relationships.

Defamation is serious, and our California defamation attorneys have many years of experience helping victims of defamation.

Types Of Defamation

There are two main types of defamation: libel and slander. The difference between the two is primarily the manner in which the publication is made and transmitted.

Libel is a form of defamation in which the defamatory statements are made in writing. This includes but is not limited to books, newspapers, pamphlets, emails, text messages, social media posts, reference checks, or other forms of written communications. Libel can also extend to visual implications such as photography, videography and auditory publications made on the radio or in a soundbite.

Slander refers to spoken words that are considered defamatory. These are observed and heard by one or more third parties.

How Defamation Can Happen In California

Defamation can occur in a variety of situations – both in professional and social settings.

Examples of situations in which defamatory statements can occur include:

  • Business dealings: In many cases, a business entity or individual may commit slander or libel against you to gain a competitive edge or advantage, as a form of revenge, or a litany of other nefarious reasons.
  • Job references: An employer can defame a former employee when providing a job reference if they provide false statements about the former employee. This is often done as retaliation following a termination/resignation and also sometimes occurs following an employee’s lawsuit for wrongful termination/discrimination/etc.
  • Post-termination statements to former co-workers/clients: Some employers trash talk former employees to their co-workers and/or clients. These instances of defamation may have a negative impact on the former employees’ reputation amongst their peers and in the industry.

Ready To Reclaim Your Reputation?

The attorneys at Licata & Yeremenko are standing by to help and will do their best to help repair the damage to your reputation and to obtain compensation and justice for you.

If you believe that you are a victim of defamation, please contact us by clicking here for an online contact form or by calling 818-783-5757.